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  • Learn, build, record, play and explore sound vibrations!!!
  • Build an Edison style phonograph and record and play back your own sound recordings
  • Listen to your heart beat and explore how your ear works
  • Includes a 48 page book and materials to guide your through 20 different activities. For ages 8+
  • The animations that compliment the book on the ScienceWiz website deepen and extend comprehension.

With the Science Wiz Sound Kit, you can build an Edison style phonograph. You can record and play back your own sound recordings, vibrate your vocal chords, and visualise your vocal print. Play the sound location game, make a kazoo, banjo, or play a tune on water glasses. Transmit sounds through solids, liquids, and gasses. Bounce, absorb, and amplify sound vibrations. A 48 page book and materials will guide you through this kit loaded with 20 activities. This new product is sure to delight young and old. This kit from award-winning ScienceWiz includes free internet portal access that has an audiometer to test your hearing and a decibel meter to measure sound for mobile devices. Ages 8+. Requires 3 x 'AA' batteries (not included).

Explore Sound by entering the ScienceWiz™ Web Portal. You will find animations that bring the ScienceWiz™ Sound Book and projects to life. Explore intriguing videos and links to information that will amuse, astonish, enrich and extend the content in the book and kit.