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  • Join the race to save the planet with this award winning kit that includes 22 activities
  • Discover what energy is, how we make it today and what choices await us in the future
  • Includes a 48 page book and materials for your creations • The animations that compliment the book on the ScienceWiz website deepen and extend comprehension.
  • For ages 8 to 80 - everyone will enjoy this great kit

Learn all about global warming with the ScienceWiz Energy kit. Discover what energy is, how it is generated today and what choices await us in the future. Build a solar car and join the race to save the planet! Build a solar racer, launch a super-capacitor car, make an electric car, spin a flywheel generator, build a battery to light an LED, do a kinetic chain reaction, store potential energy on your head, discover how solar cells work, and focus the suns energy with lenses - all in with one kit. WOW! Step-by-step, highly visual instructions lead a child successfully through each of the 22 activities. The full colour illustrations present central scientific concepts which allow children to discover the "why" as well as the "how" of these great projects. (Requires some common household items, a 1.5 volt battery and a 9 volt battery - not included)

Explore energy further by entering the ScienceWiz™ Web Portal. You will find animations that bring key concepts in the ScienceWiz™ Energy Book and projects to life. Explore intriguing videos and links to information that will amuse, astonish, enrich and extend the content in the book and kit.