Presto Snow®

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Presto Snow® is a magical super absorbent polymer that expands to 30 times its original volume and can absorb 100 times its weight in water.

  • Magically makes a fluffy white snow
  • Just add water
  • Measuring scoop included in pack
  • two sizes available - 100g tub or 50g slimline pack
  • Please note: contents and measuring scoop may settle during transit

Just one 50g pack can make over 3 litres of light powdery artificial snow. It won't melt and can last for days. Spritz daily with water to keep it light and fluffy. Do not use on surfaces sensitive to water or moisture

Ages 4+

Mixing directions:
Add 1 scoop (5ml) of Presto Snow® powder to 60ml of warm water to make approx 1 cup full of snow.